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E.J. (Ezri) De la Pena is a content creator with emphasis on Producing, Writing, and Editing. Having started as a child actor in the early 90’s, E.J. has dozens of credit under their belt including “Jingle All The Way” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Boy Meets World.” More recently they wrote and produced the star studded sci-fi proof of concept “Nobility” starring, among others, Walter Koenig, Chris Judge, Doug Jones, and more.

As a non-binary trans Latina with decades of experience, E.J. brings a unique perspective and a diverse skill set to all their projects.



Feature Scripts

From awe inspiring sci-fi to gut busting comedy and heart wrenching drama, E.J. can craft any story you need.


Television Scripts


E.J. has proven that they can work at the fast pace this format demands & maintain the high quality it deserves.


Marketing and More


If you need someone to bring a unique creative angle to your product, E.J. can deliver!



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